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AEGIS Prime Solutions

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AEGIS delivers high performance surface technologies to extend the performance life of operating equipment in critical industries, optimizing profitability.

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About us

AEGIS Prime Solutions

AEGIS Prime Solutions delivers custom Engineered Solutions and High Performance Surface Technologies, that extend the performance life of operating equipment consistent with the clients economic and performance requirements.


There is no ‘one fix’ for every wear challenge, but you can rely on AEGIS to deliver (or refer you to) the Right Solution every time…comes from a combined 100+ years of tackling some of the most severe cases of corrosion, erosion and wear (CEW) in industry.

AEGIS Prime Solutions

AEGIS brings technical and business goals together in power plant operations; solving the advanced materials, and Corrosion, Erosion and Wear (CEW) challenges that are impacting your site’s ability to operate reliably and efficiently.

AEGIS Prime Solutions

The AEGIS Technology Center, centrally located in Chattanooga, TN,  pulls extensive analytical tools from local World Class metallurgical laboratories as a basis for Failure and Root Cause Analysis. AEGIS scientists leverage their knowledge, in the  interpretation and corrective actions that result. 

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