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AEGIS Capabilities

AEGIS is centrally located in the coal power region of the United States, within a same day drive of 50% of the active coal plants in the country. Chattanooga has been a hub of Power Industry expertise and supply for 100+ years; engineering & design, manufacturing, and surface technology applications. We are staffed with engineers & scientists from this base, and have a pool of local resources to draw from depending on the needs of our clients.

Engineered CEW Services

Turnkey Solutions

Our technical staff has over 150 years of experience in material science, advanced materials, and plant operations on hundreds of plants operating globally. The knowledge we hold in this field is second to none, and our interest is to use that knowledge to meet your operating challenges. The process of delivering high value solutions to industry is a root cause/failure analysis process we call; Operational Forensics. AEGIS provides failure and root cause analysis services to determine the optimal solution to the challenges of CEW in operating equipment.

Surface Technologies

AEGIS is a leader in understanding the cause/effect realties of materials in an array of operating environments. Often (not always), surface treatments are implemented to extend service life of equipment, and key components. Consistent with our Operational Forensics approach to determining the mechanism of attack, AEGIS supplies differentiating surface technologies that mitigate these challenges. AEGIS has taken the lead in bringing together, and developing, the Right technology (product AND process) for the given environment and mechanism of attack.


Our AEGIS Tungsten is an infiltration brazed product, metallurgically bonded, that has demonstrated exceptional performance in severe wear applications. We offer an array of brazed products that satisfy a range of performance unmatched in industry.


Our development team is pushing the envelope for new products and processes that are developed specifically with equipment design, service life, and performance specific to the application.

A complete Engineered CEW Solution, that includes; design, manufacture, and supply of the scope of the Engineered Solution, including overall Project Management and Onsite technical support. AEGIS will provide all aspects of the Engineered Solution, from Project Technical and Commercial validation (Technical Performance and ROI Reviews) to Engineering specifications and fabrication, to supply and technical oversight/management of field installation.

Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions – a complete engineered solution utilizing inspection, engineering and technology evaluations including root cause and failure analysis. The scientific solution will include; system operating evaluation, equipment design, application of the recommended treatment to components provided by the client or qualified third-party. In this case, AEGIS diagnoses the problem in a collaborative manner, and in a like manner, specifies the mitigation program that meets performance life, and economic impact requirements to the plant.

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