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AEGIS Prime Solutions is centrally located in the coal power region of the United States, in Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga is the Center of Excellence for Welding Engineering & Material Sciences, with abundant technical resources and expertise, for the global markets served.

Our Company

AEGIS Prime Solutions

AEGIS is changing the paradigm relative to the way Corrosion, Erosion, and Wear (CEW) is managed in critical industries. Trial & Error fixes costs industry billions of dollars every year in equipment downtime and lost production. AEGIS takes an Operational Forensics™ approach to understanding the root cause of CEW challenges, including; the environmental factors or mechanisms of attack, the design,  and performance requirements of the system or equipment, and then impliments an engineered solution that meets (or exceeds) the required economic and performance targets.


AEGIS has assembled a team of experienced professionals who have made a career out of solving operation challenges, and maximizing operational efficiency. Operational Forensics™ is a method utilized for merging technical performance requirements with economic realities. The results are Solutions that deliver positive economic impact, increased equipment availability/reliability, and optimized operational performance.

Our Mission and Vision

AEGIS Prime Solutions

Science Creating Value For Industry

Our vision is to be the leader in Advanced Materials Science, Corrosion, Erosion and Wear (CEW) solutions for our customers in critical industries; allowing them to maximize profits through increased operational efficiency and equipment availability/reliability.

We unite high performance surface technologies, superior industry knowledge and expertise (Design, Operations & Maintenance) to collaboratively solve our customers’ materials & CEW challenges, creating customized long-term solutions based on their specific performance life requirements.

Our Value

AEGIS Prime Solutions
  • Engineered Solutions - Corrosion, Erosion and Wear (CEW)

  • Failure/Root Cause Analysis - Operational Forensics ®

  • High Performance Surface Technologies and Wear Products

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